Have a question about a custom wood or wrought iron project that isn't answered below? Please contact me for an answer.

Do you give free project quotes?

Yes, I will do a free (in-person or phone) consultation to go over your project requirements and to answer any questions you might have. After this, I will be able to give you an estimate in cost and time. Please contact me to schedule a consultation.

What’s an approximate turn-around time on a project?

Turn-around time on project will vary depending on the size and complexity, but on average, projects are done in about 2 weeks. I will be able to give you a more accurate time estimate after the consultation.

What’s your service area?

I work in the Cumming, GA area for built-in jobs (cabinets, railings, etc.), but can ship smaller objects and furniture anywhere in the US.

I don’t know anything about woodworking. Can you help with the design of a custom piece of furniture?

Yes, I can help with the entire process from initial design through project completion. I will make recommendations on the design and the materials based on your goals and needs.

I’m remodeling my house. Can you collaborate with interior designers or contractors to make some custom cabinets or furniture for me?

Yes, I am always open to collaborating with other professionals.

Do you refurbish or restore antique furniture?

Antiques are not my main specialty, so I will need to assess each piece individually to determine if I can help you. Please book a consultation if you have questions about a piece of antique furniture you want to alter.

What types of materials can you work in?

I specialize in woodwork and metalwork, but I can incorporate other materials into a piece, such as tile, stone or glass. Please contact me if you have a creative idea in mind.

Where do you get your materials from? If I have an idea for a project (a coffee table made out of driftwood, for example), can you help me make that happen?

I have trusted vendors for my hardwoods and steel. I also can help you source special materials like driftwood or full slabs of wood. Please ask if you have some specific materials in mind and I’ll do my best to find it for you.

I have an idea for a custom wrought iron gate. How do I know what's possible / do you help me create a workable design?

Yes, I will help you with the design. Please check out my vendor's website, where I get the basic gates and materials. From there, I can cut and weld pieces together to create your custom design.